Are QR Codes Effective?

Use QR codes to effectively connect online with offline.

Online and offline are merging. We engage with prospects and customers in different ways during the lifecycle of the relationship with a brand: In the search and prospect phase, at the point of purchase (or initial conversion) or during the after-sales and support cycle. One way to easily get to grips with the different ways you can interact with audience is to break down the user journey.

For the initial stages, the get in touch and get engaged phases, you need to have a strategy in place to get visitors back to your site to re-engage with them, especially if the initial contact was in an offline situation. There are many ways of doing this but a good strategy is to become pragmatic and ensure you can run a campaign that takes hours to implement, instead of days.
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QR codes or Quick Response codes are becoming very popular, even though they still need further development to generate the results marketers expect. There are a few that argue there isn’t a role for QR codes in engaging potential customers, but until other means of technology are established I think the use of QR codes in driving visitors to your website is one that has real benefits in easily linking offline and online.